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A wedding by the sea <3

So this was my first ever destination wedding, and here is what I want to share.

1. Show gratitude. Say thank you for everything, a dozen times. It is always a privilege to capture someones special day, but to be able to do it in beautiful location... this is truly special.

2. For my fellow photographer friends, make sure your gear is always in a state of normal room temperature. There can be so much A/C and then going out into the blazing heat, everything will fog up. I was on-top of this the whole time and the fogging situation only happened once.

3. This goes for everyone - Stay hydrated. In a place like Mexico where the temperatures sky rocket mid day, the last thing you want is to be dehydrated for the rest of the night because you didn't take care of yourself in the day.

4. To bride and grooms getting married at a resort, if there was anything Alex & Hanna proved, it was not to sweat the small stuff. Just be happy that you are on a beach, with all of your loved ones, saying I do. At the end of the day this is all that really matters.

5. Tanning is always key for me, but MAN, put sun tan lotion. Put 60. I'm serious. You will still tan nicely and not burn.. be smart, cause those UV rays will get you EVERY time!


Now a bit about this beautiful couple and the day..

Hannah & Alex, where do I begin?

First and foremost - I am eternally grateful that they brought me along on another chapter of their love story, and in Mexico en plus. Knowing that this would be my first destination wedding they had no doubts that I would not be able to capture it. I am a lucky girl already to get to do what I love. But to get it to do that with such lovely people and in one of the most beautiful places on earth, that is truly something else. I am so grateful for the amazing clients that come my way.

The day was a HOT one. Sweat was happening all around, but it didn't stop this couple from making the absolute best of the day from start to finish.

I have always had a soft spot for Jewish traditions, specifically, wedding ceremony's. There is something so completely raw about them, and incredibly intimate. The whole signing of the Ketubah and the ceremony itself, to the eating of the challah after - was beautiful for me to capture.

If that wasn't enough, the love they share is so special. They make each other better, they challenge each other, they make each other laugh, but most of they make each other happy.

Here are some snaps from the beautiful day and the party that went well into the late hours of the night.

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