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Newborn Shoot - Allie

Baby Allie. Where do I start?

The shoot itself went well, I used some new gadgets including a heated blanket to pose the baby under and ensure she is warm, and a sound machine so nothing got too quiet for her. Both worked out beautifully.

She is BEAUTIFUL. Even though she had a little baby acne (nothing a little editing cant correct) - she is by all means, perfect.

She clearly got all her parents best features, and then a little mix of her own uniqueness that when combined together make her wonderful.

Born just over 5lbs, this baby girl entered the world a little but strong beauty. Watch out world, this baby girl is a force to be reckoned with.

I'm so glad I got to photograph her before her little features aren't so little anymore.

Favourite part?

stared at me the whole time AND I even managed to get a few smiles. I love her!!

Mazel tov my friends Adrienne & Josh!

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